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Our annual Knowledge Exchange is coming the last week in April! On April 30th, as part of the week long event, CMJ, Consumers Union and the Open Technology Institute will co-host a webcast panel, moderated by our Executive Director, Malkia Cyril.  Join us for this critical conversation!

The Media Action Grassroots Network Calls on the FCC to Protect the Open Internet, and Our Communities Now! Read the Network's statement on the recent federal court decision, which struck down the principles of net neutrality.

Develop winning media strategies, saturate markets with your frames and messages, and shift the debate in your community. Download "Measuring Impact," brought to you by CMJ and Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE).

Join CMJ and Race Forward (formerly Applied Research Center) on April 25th in NYC for a creative and intensive full day training build the communications skills and strategies you need to win racial justice for your community. Learn More & Register now.

Low-cost, centrally located rental spaces in the Bay Area?  Believe it! Come see our CultureShift Training Space!

Featured Blogs & Dispatches From the Field

Betty Yu

Cable Monopoly’s Gain Is Community Media’s Loss: Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger threatens local voices

04/16/14, Betty Yu

Critics have rightly argued that if the merger is approved, customers will experience less choice and higher cable bills as a result of increasing media monopolization. What tends to fly under the radar in this debate are further dangers that disproportionately impact underserved communities: the merger’s likely impact on media diversity and community-based media infrastructures, and Comcast’s ongoing attack on organized labor Read more »


#MediaMadness Bracketology 2014: Cable Conference

04/7/14, Steven

They own many of the channels you watch on your TV and browse through the interwebs. This group of companies makes the Robber Barons of the 19th century look like amateur hoarders. Read more »


#MediaMadness Bracketology 2014: Wireless Conference

04/3/14, Steven

#MediaMadness Bracketology 2014 The tournament to prove which media and tech company is the best at being the worst Read the Rules Here Wireless Conference Pick up your cell phone, it’s likely one of these four companies is your provider.  And if they’re not your provider, it’s likely whoever you pay your cell phone bill Read more »


Video streaming by Ustream

#Oakland Voices: A Town Hall on Our Right to Communicate was a huge success! Want to watch the full event? We’ve got you covered.

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