Occupy Oakland shut down

The Occupy Oakland sit-in was raided by police, they surrounded the area and forced everyone out. Here are some photos.

As the 99% are #OccupyingEverywhere. . .

Trainers at the Take Back the Dream Conference were offering interview tips for folks being interviewed by mainstream press. There was a strong emphasis on framing messages that would speak or appeal to the middle – that is the white middle class. Where then, I wonder, would the hundreds of people I work with through the Media Action Grassroots Network fit in?

What we want, what we really really want…

As my mom always told me, and as my co-worker Malkia Cyril always reminds me, our core motivations are safety and belonging.

Echo Justice Initiative: Communicating the Power of Community Organizing

As the 99 percent movement spread and progressives gathered to Take Back the American Dream, another important convening took place in the capitol: The Echo Justice Initiative’s first convening. And our opponents should be shaking in their boots.

Rural Groups Call for Better Broadband Services

Crossposted from the Center for Rural Strategies website – Rural broadband advocates from five states and Washington D.C. gathered in rural Eastern Kentucky on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, for the first Rural Broadband Summit, cosponsored by the Center for Media Justice, the Center for Rural Strategies, and Free Press.

Knowledge Exchange Recap and Video

In September, social justice advocates and community organizers gathered in Washington D.C. so discuss is the issues of net neutrality, broadband access, and other media justice issues.

Q&A with Edyael Casaperalta of the Center for Rural Strategies

The Center for Rural Strategies is a media and communications non-profit that seeks to portray compelling portraits of rural America and addresses rural issues via policy advocacy.

USF Reform Shouldn’t Come at the Expense of America’s Most Vulnerable

“The announcement today means one thing—your phone bill is going to go up. People on fixed incomes or out of work can’t afford any price increase, yet the proposed plan would take money out of their pockets and hand it to the companies. At CMJ, we don’t call that reform. We call it taxing the poor.”

Occupying our Imagination

Yes, from main street to wall street, the democratic occupation of public space has begun. And there may be no turning back until the 99% is satisfied.


“InSecurity: Race, Surveillance and Privacy in the Digital Age” Sponsored by New America Foundation, the Center for Media justice and the Consumers Union