CMJ Celebrates a Community Victory over AT&T’s Failed Attempt at Media Consolidation

amalia deloney, Media Policy Field Director stated, “Since AT&T first announced its intent to takeover T-Mobile, CMJ has continuously raised concerns about what role a duopoly would mean for those who rely on access to mobile broadband to find employment, access healthcare, advance their education and organize for social and economic justice.”

Media Justice and the 99 Percent Movement

As evictions and raids of Occupy encampments take place through out major cities this country, one thing is evident “You can’t evict an idea who’s time has come”.

The Fight for Internet Freedom & Net Neutrality – New Voices and New Battles

In 2012, CMJ and our media justice partners remain staunchly committed to maintaining an open Internet. We want to make sure our communities have full access to this important communications system and can continue to use this essential tool to organize around critical justice issues and strengthen the economic well being of our families and communities.

Media Justice Advocates Work to Block AT&T’s Attempted Takeover of T-Mobile

From the moment that AT&T announced it’s intention to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion, media justice advocates knew this would be a bad deal for America’s poor and communities of color. We worked together to put a stop to it – though AT&T has not given up, we’re just getting started. We’re not going to let the government to cater to corporations who put their bottom line ahead of the needs of our communities!

LA Media Justice Academy: Training Future Social Justice Leaders

The all day bilingual event (conducted in Spanish and English) was a unique convening that brought together 40 social justice organizers and activists from primarily communities of color to map out local and national media landscape as well as build their mobile media and communications leadership skills.

MAG-Net Launches Two Regional Sites in 2011

These two MAG-Net Chapters, like the rest of the MAG-Net Chapters, will engage community members and organizations in the larger media policy and communications rights fights that affect our civil and human rights.

Echo Justice Initiative: Business as Usual in Progressive Communications is Not Good Enough

By practicing communications strategy as a dialogue and not a top-down transmission, we began to create the conditions necessary for deeper engagement among all alliances moving forward.

Prison Phone Justice Campaign Goes National

Why is it that instead of promoting healthy families, working towards curbing recidivism, and cutting short and long-term state and federal costs, the government is working with corporations to pad their pockets?

Jamilah King’s Investigative Piece: How Big Telecom Used Smartphones to Create a New Digital Divide

Jamilah King, News Editor at Colorlines, drops a new article which takes a compelling and thorough look at the $190 billion dollar telecom industry and why people of color and poor communities need to take up the fight for Internet freedom.


“InSecurity: Race, Surveillance and Privacy in the Digital Age” Sponsored by New America Foundation, the Center for Media justice and the Consumers Union