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WE ARE THE COLOR OF FREEDOM: A virtual town hall event

We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming event: We are the Color of Freedom: Resisting Racist Police Surveillance in a Trump Era, co-hosted by Color of Change! color-of-freedom-march-townhall-flyer.jpg

Join us for this unique virtual town hall event on Wednesday, March 29 at 3 pm EST to assess the threat of White House executive orders on immigration and policing, discuss strategies to resist racially-biased police surveillance, and re-imagine sanctuary for all in a Trump era.

Featured Speakers:
Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Equality Labs
Joan Donovan, UCLA
Alvaro Bedoya, Georgetown Law
Deborah Peterson Small, Break the Chains

Moderated by:
Brandon Patterson, Mother Jones

>> RSVP today to join this virtual town hall event on resisting police surveillance!

Under Trump, law enforcement agencies have been given free reign to criminalize and pursue immigrants and people of color.

Resistance to these attacks must be lead by the communities that are most heavily policed under this administration: Black, immigrant, and Arab and Muslim communities.

>> Don’t miss this conversation! RSVP today to join us.

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