Founded in 2002, the Center for Media Justice is a national movement building intermediary to strengthen the communications effectiveness of grassroots racial justice sectors, and sustain a powerful local-to-local movement for media rights and access.

Our mission is to create media and cultural conditions that strengthen movements for racial justice, economic equity, and human rights.

With an office in Oakland, California, and staff in Chicago and New York, CMJ is the only group in the nation that both develops a new generation of leaders and strategies for a 21st-century progressive movement and organizes nationally for media policy solutions to end racism and poverty.

For social movements to end racism and poverty to be successful, they must have the stories, strategies, and skills to win hearts and minds on critical wedge issues—and media policies that erode the barriers they face when entering public debate. Through three primary programs, CMJ helps these movements for justice use media to be more effective, strategic, collaborative, and transformative.

A Unique Movement Center

At CMJ, we provide training, resources, and support to grassroots community organizing groups in the Bay Area and across the country to develop creative, effective, and participatory communications and media activism strategies that support the fight for racial justice, economic equity, and human rights. Driven by the communities we serve, the Center for Media Justice works across age, sector, and regional boundaries to transform the public debate on race and poverty—and the media rules and conditions that push youth, people of color, poor people, women, and queer communities to the margins of public debate.

We anchor the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net), a local-to-local network of grassroots organizations working together to advance a shared agenda for media justice. Through collaborative action, a capacity-building initiative, a learning community, and a strategic opportunities fund, MAG-Net members are winning fights for digital inclusion, public media, journalism, and more.

Our Principles

CMJ is more than a communications intermediary or media policy shop—we’re a communications movement center with an agenda and a staff that reflects the social change goals and constituencies of the organizations and communities we work with.

We work in long-term partnerships and through strategic initiatives to develop comprehensive and accessible communications and media activism strategies that can be evaluated over time.

We believe that communications and media activism are cornerstone components of community organizing, and that community organizing is a core strategy for social change.

At CMJ, we understand that people learn about the world—about power, and about justice—through stories. The ability to tell, hear, and interpret the stories that define our communities requires communications skills, strategy and power.



“InSecurity: Race, Surveillance and Privacy in the Digital Age” Sponsored by New America Foundation, the Center for Media justice and the Consumers Union

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