Our Mission and Vision

Founded in 2002, the Center for Media Justice is a national movement building intermediary to strengthen the communications effectiveness of grassroots racial justice sectors, and sustain a powerful local-to-local movement for media rights and access.

With an office in Oakland, California, and staff in Chicago and New York, CMJ is the only group in the nation that both develops communications strategies and leaders for a 21st-century progressive movement, and organizes nationally for media policy solutions to end racism and poverty.

Our mission is to create media and cultural conditions that strengthen movements for racial justice, economic equity, and human rights.

We work at the intersection of media and social change to remove institutional barriers to media equity and ensure that movements for justice have a public voice—so communities of color and America’s poor have a fighting chance.


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#Oakland Voices: A Town Hall on Our Right to Communicate was a huge success! Want to watch the full event? We’ve got you covered.

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