Alfredo Lopez , Co-founder, May 1st/People's Link

Alfredo co-founder and co-director of May First/People’s Link, one of the first progressive Internet Service Providers in the United States. As an activist and organizer with more than 40 years experience, Alfredo has authored six published books, and was one of the first leaders to discuss and pursue the importance of the Internet to the progressive movement.

Amy Sonnie

Amy Sonnie is the author of the ‘banned librarian,’ a blog for librarians who support social justice and activists who love their libraries.  Her young adult anthology, Revolutionary Voices, recently joined hundreds of literary classics, children’s books and young adult favorites on American Library Association’s list of Top Ten Most Frequently Challenged Books. Her second book, Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times, traces the untold history of poor white activists working alongside the Black Panther Party and Young Lords in the 1960s. From 2001-2007, Amy served as Associate Director of the Center for Media Justice. Today she is a writer, editor and librarian living in Northern California.

Bryan Mercer , Co-Executive Director, Media Mobilizing Project

Bryan Mercer is a Philadelphia native who began volunteering with MMP after returning home from college. Bryan is now a Co-Executive Director of MMP, continuing the organization's commitment to strategic media and communications to build a movement of poor and working people united across color lines. Bryan brings experience from supporting MMP's network of computer centers and digital literacy trainings with community partners. Bryan also works on state and national media policy advocacy with the Media Action Grassroots Network to create a ground-up approach to securing media rights and access.  Bryan received his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University in Anthropology and Comparative Ethnic Studies.


Hillary Brooks , Associate Director, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote

Hillary brings two and a half decades of experience powering social justice movements for sustainability and impact to the CMJ board treasurer’s role. Before joining Mobilize the Immigrant Vote as Associate Director in early 2017, her experience included five years directing finance and operations at Forward Together and a stint as a Co-Managing Director at The David Brower Center during an executive leadership transition. Initially trained in nonprofit administration at San Francisco’s Media Alliance, Hillary then worked for many years as an accounting and Macintosh consultant. A grassroots activist for reproductive and civil rights in her twenties, she also put her politics into song, primarily in the jazz group Maroon and the rock band Caramelize. Hillary received her B.S. at Boston University, studying media representation and American history, and has an M.F.A. in jazz performance from California Institute of the Arts.

Joseph Torres

As Senior External Affairs Director for Free Press, Joseph advocates in Washington to ensure that our nation’s media policies serve the public interest and builds coalitions to broaden the media reform movement’s base. Joseph writes frequently on media and Internet issues and is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media. Joseph also serves on the board of director of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. Before joining Free Press, Joseph worked as deputy director of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and was a journalist for several years. He earned a degree in communications from the College of Staten Island.

Lisa Jervis , Technology Consultant

Lisa Jervis has been building organizational infrastructure in social justice nonprofits for almost 20 years. She is the former Finance and Operations Director at the Center for Media Justice, the founding Editor and Publisher of Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, the founding board chair of Women in Media and News, a member of the advisory board of outLoud Radio, and an active leader in technology strategy and implementation at the East Bay Meditation Center. She holds a masters degree in Information Management and Systems from the School of Information at the University of California at Berkeley, where she focused on information organization, work practice studies, computer-supported cooperative work, and user-centered design methods.

Malkia Cyril , Executive Director

Malkia A. Cyril is founder and Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice (CMJ) and co-founder of the Media Action Grassroots Network. For more than 20 years, Malkia has built the capacity of racial and economic justice movements to win media rights, access and power in a digital age. A skilled facilitator, and passionate speaker and writer, Cyril’s articles and appearances have driven racial justice strategy on issues from the fight for an open and affordable Internet and new strategic communications approaches to the fight against mass surveillance and prison profiteers. Cyril is a Prime Movers fellow, recipient of the 2012 Donald H. McGannon Award, the 2015 Hugh Hefner 1st Amendment Award, and the 2016 EFF Pioneer Award. In addition to appearing in documentary films Outfoxed and MissRepresentation Cyril has most recently appeared Ava DuVernay's exciting film: 13th, released by Netflix on October 7th 2016. Born of parents in the Black Panther Party, Cyril is a leader in the movement for digital rights and freedom, and a proud member of the Black Lives Matter Network.

Pia Infante , Co-Executive Director, The Whitman Institute

Pia Infante is the new Co-Executive Director of The Whitman Institute, an independent foundation in San Francisco that promotes trust based philanthropy.  Pia was the Director of Organizational Partnerships at Rockwood Leadership Institute for 3.5 years prior to this post – conducting capacity building initiatives for nationally recognized social justice movement leaders and organizations. Pia is a founding member of the Coaches of Color Consortium and the Movement Strategy Center’s Organizational Development for Social Change working group.  She has a MA in Education from the New School for Social Research in New York City, a BA in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a certified executive leadership/transition coach.  Pia lives in Oakland with her partner, Nzinga. You can follow her on twitter @PiaVision.

Sage Crump , Arts Consultant

Sage Crump is a cultural strategist based in the US South who works to embed arts and culture into social justice movements.  With over 20 years of arts and organizing experience, Sage works with artists and organizations to develop or refine the way they engage strategies for change. Sage is a long time member of Alternate ROOTS and has served in multiple capacities including staff member, strategic planning chair and board president.  She also serves on the National Advisory Board of Women of Color In the Arts and is vice chair for Art2Action.   Sage is a founding member of Young African Writers Collective, Oyster Knife, Community Theatre Initiative, and is a performance poet and vocalist.

Vina Kay

Vina Kay is the executive director and director of research and policy at Voices for Racial Justice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She worked for several years with John Powell at the Institute on Race and Poverty, first as legal fellow and then as senior researcher and director of the Racial Justice and Regional Equity Project. Vina is also a writer of poetry and creative nonfiction, as well as a documentary filmmaker. Her current project, Building the Pink Tower, reimagines schools and learning through the lens of Montessori education.