Consumers, Big Data, and Online Tracking in the Retail Industry: A Case Study of Walmart

Consumers, Big Data, and Online Tracking in the Retail Industry is the first independent analysis of Walmart’s efforts to gather and track consumer information online, and use that information to shape marketing strategies. The report found that Walmart tracks the personal data of up to 145 million Americans, and shares that data with at least Read more


Speaking for Ourselves – YES! Magazine Winter 2005

Malkia Cyril and Taishi Duchicela on how young people in Oakland wanted to talk about real solutions to the poverty, racism, and powerlessness that they grew up with—but all the city’s hip-hop radio station offered was violence and mind-numbing entertainment.


A New Civil Rights Mandate: Champion Open Networks to Close the Digital Divide

There’s a reason why the more than 100 organizations of the Media Action Grassroots Network are taking action on February 15th, 2010. As the Federal Communications Commission moves to quickly finalize a National Broadband Plan that many hope will ensure Internet access for all and create opportunity for innovation and economic security, community groups from Read more


The Strongest Open Internet Protections Possible: Yes, We Can.

by Malkia Cyril The debate over Open Internet Protections and civil rights is heating up. In a response to my recent call for the voices of young leaders of color to be heard on the issue of strong open Internet protections, Commissioner Robert Steele, President of the National Association of Black County Officials, harkens back Read more


Reframing Power: An Evaluation of the Youth Media Council’s First Three Years

Reframing Power takes a look at the media and social conditions that led to the formation of the Youth Media Council (now the Center for Media Justice), and the strategies YMC tested in creating an innovative model for strategic communications and media organizing with youth and communities of color.


Out of the Margins – Extra, May 2009

Executive Director Malkia Cyril and Communications Strategist Karlos Gauna Schmieder on the connections between media policy and social justice movements, in Extra, the magazine of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.