Mobile Voices, Mobile Justice Fact Sheet: Cell Phones and the Digital Divide

Because communities of color and low-income groups are much more dependent on wireless networks and less likely to have access to wired broadband at home, it is extremely important for as many of the same rules as possible to apply to wireless and wired networks so that the already-too-large “digital divide” does not become even Read more


#NetNeutrality Creative Filing to the Federal Communications Commission

The Media Action Grassroots Network believes the Open Internet plays a pivotal role in ensuring racial and economic equity in the 21st century. Without a strong legal framework that ensures the benefits of the Internet are broadly shared, our members are forced to navigate a platform that further entrenches and exacerbates harmful disparities. In 2014 we submitted Read more


Grassroots Perspectives on Media Justice Organizing

Grassroots Perspectives on Media Justice Organizing Radical History Review: Interviews Betty Yu, Todd Wolfson, and Rusita Avila. By Lyell Davies Building a National Media Justice Movement: An Interview with Betty Yu, Membership Organizer, Media Action Grassroots Network, the Center for Media Justice


Digital Discrimination: Big Data, Surveillance, & Racial Justice

As we speak, our movements are being tracked, and our personal information sold to the highest bidder. More and more we see the militarization of police departments and the tragic consequences are clear from New York, to L.A., to Ferguson. While the platforms and methods may be new, we know that there is a long Read more


Proceedings of the 2009 Midwest Rural Assembly

In August 2009, a group of 170 people gathered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to launch the Midwest Rural Assembly—a network of community leaders, organizations, and policymakers dedicated to creating a stronger rural America. They discussed the issues that mattered most to them, assessed policy opportunities and challenges, and committed to action.


Consumers, Big Data, and Online Tracking in the Retail Industry: A Case Study of Walmart

Consumers, Big Data, and Online Tracking in the Retail Industry is the first independent analysis of Walmart’s efforts to gather and track consumer information online, and use that information to shape marketing strategies. The report found that Walmart tracks the personal data of up to 145 million Americans, and shares that data with at least Read more


Fixing Radio: A Community Summit Report

There’s a lot of work to be done to make sure radio serves the people. Want to learn more? Check out this report from the Fixing Radio Summit.