Our Approach to Media and Social Change

At the Center for Media Justice, our programs work to strengthen the communications collaboration, power, and impact of social justice movements.  We believe that when progressive organizers sharpen their media strategies, they make movements for justice more effective, strategic, and transformative. CMJ’s programs use the methods of community organizing, alliance building, strategic communications, popular education, and arts/culture to engage our members and clients in popular, high-impact learning or action with measurable results.

We believe that a comprehensive communications strategy must not only change the public conversation but should also shift the dynamics of power—putting the means of communications production into the hands of underrepresented communities.  That’s why we take a multidisciplinary approach to media change. Our change model is simple: We work with progressive organizations and alliances to change media policies, mobilize public will to tackle wedge issues, and build the communications capacity our partners need to win.

To achieve our goals, CMJ has three unique and powerful national programs:

The Justice Communications Program: Communications Training, Resources, and Field Building for Organizers

Through the Justice Communications Program, CMJ offers justice organizations and alliances the communications tools, training, and technical assistance they need to conduct winning campaigns. In addition to our low-cost training to develop a new generation of progressive communications leaders, CMJ offers online tools and news analysis, and convenes communications innovators and practitioners working on diverse justice issues in strategic initiatives to define movement-building media strategies with the power to win long-term social change.

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The Media Justice Policy Program: Education and Field Building to Advance Media Policies That Support Justice

Through the Media Justice Policy Project, CMJ works nationally with grasstops, policy, and academic social justice partners to advance short- and long-term media policy solutions that eliminate racial and economic barriers to democratic engagement. Through our national field-building campaigns, CMJ uses strategic tools and convening to increase public awareness of the relationship between media policies and social justice outcomes, redefine the media policy priorities of justice sectors, develop movement-building strategies for media policy change, and strengthen critical relationships between justice advocates and media decision makers.

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The Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net): Local-to-Local Organizing and Regional Alliance Building for Media Justice

MAG-Net is a local-to-local network of over 100 community organizations working together to advance a shared agenda for media justice. Through collaborative action, a capacity-building initiative, a learning community, and a strategic opportunities fund, MAG-Net members are winning fights for digital inclusion, wireless and phone equity, community radio, public media, and more!

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“InSecurity: Race, Surveillance and Privacy in the Digital Age” Sponsored by New America Foundation, the Center for Media justice and the Consumers Union

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