The Media Justice Policy Program

Public Education and Field Building to Change Media Rules for Social Justice and Human Rights

Through the Media Justice Policy Project, CMJ works nationally with cohorts of grassroots leaders, grass-tops policy partners, and allied academics, policymakers, and funders to advance local and national media policy solutions that eliminate racial and economic barriers to democratic engagement.  Through our national field-building campaigns, CMJ uses strategic tools and convenings to increase public awareness of the relationship between media policies and social justice outcomes, redefine the media policy priorities of justice sectors, develop movement-building strategies for media policy change, and strengthen critical relationships between justice advocates and media decision makers.

Special Projects

CMJ coordinates the Knowledge Exchange Project in partnership with Consumer’s Union, a national consumers’ rights organization. Part of our national Media and Justice Learning Community, the Knowledge Exchange is a year-round project that combines web-based policy education and tools; teleconference strategy sessions; and an annual convening that brings together diverse community organizers, grasstops leaders, and Beltway advocates to share information and define collaborative goals, strategies, and projects.

This year, we are proud to coordinate Latinos for Internet Freedom and Black Voices for Internet Freedom in partnership with Free Press,, Color of Change, and the National Hispanic Media Coalition. These two campaigns are designed to educate and mobilize Latino and Black leaders for open Internet protections.

Finally, CMJ coordinates a national education campaign to raise awareness and engage justice-sector leaders in legal and policy strategies for wireless and telephone equity.  All national campaigns and advocacy this year are based on our Broadband Equity Agenda.


“InSecurity: Race, Surveillance and Privacy in the Digital Age” Sponsored by New America Foundation, the Center for Media justice and the Consumers Union

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