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A Communications Love Story: Twitter and the Journalist

A Twitter strategy can be a game changer for many organizations and campaigns and can build your credibility, establish your voice and connect you to your members, potential donors, allies, partners, and even organizing targets.

2013 Resolution: I WILL use effective communications tactics!

We forget there are—or maybe we aren’t sure how to utilize them—a whole arsenal of communications strategies, also called tactics, at our disposal, many of which are much more effective in conserving our time and energy and are more appropriate for our organizing or communications goals.

Won’t Back Down: Hollywood Needs to Back Up

Union busting movie Won’t Back Down is produced by the conservative Walden Media company and financed by Phil Anschutz, a guy who has a long and sordid history of using his big bucks to fund misinformation campaigns. Scared? You should be!

Smarmy or Smarty: Presidential Debate Tactics for the Movement

After the presidential debates this week, it's a good opportunity to talk about pivoting and some other tactics that, despite the sometimes dirty history of their use by unscrupulous politicians, can be effective communications tools for changing hearts and minds for social justice.

Occupy Humor Photo Blog

Check out some examples of how Occupy humor has been used to subvert power and the police, win audiences, and generally poke fun.

Framing the American Dream

The "American Dream" frame is a compelling one. But the American Dream is, in reality, a nightmare for most, and it’s a tool used by the right, by democrats, and by reformist liberals to perpetuate a global delusion.

Pussy Riot Media Mixtape

Perhaps you’ve seen the white women wearing colorful knitted face masks in Times Square, or outside of Russian embassies from here to Berlin, or pictures of masked faces on nighttime building facades. Maybe you've heard about charges of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" on Facebook or mainstream media.