Petition to Deny Transfer of Securus

Center for Media Justice joined this Petition to Deny, filed June 16, 2017, in connection with the proposed transfer of control of Securus Technologies, Inc., T-NETIX, Inc., and T-NETIX Telecommunications Services, Inc.


Update: 570k+ people call on Facebook to stop censoring activists

This article originally published on Daily Kos. Last August, Baltimore County police killed Korryn Gaines and injured her 5-year-old son. Korryn was broadcasting videos of the police standoff on her Facebook account, but police ordered that Facebook deactivate her account — and Facebook did. That set a dangerous precedent, and meant that the public never Read more


Jan 2017 letter to Facebook regarding censorship policies

Response letter to Facebook from coalition representing 77 social and racial justice organizations, including Center for Media Justice, that urges changes to Facebook’s censorship policies and practices.


Facebook Censorship Letter

The letter is a list of demands to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg regarding concerns over Facebook’s use of censorship in compliance with law enforcement and other government agencies. The letter was signed by 77 organizations and individuals.


The FCC Must Act without Delay to Protect Internet Users and Video Choice

In the 21st century, communities of color face new threats with a very old history: from racially-biased surveillance to the exclusion of voices of color from the video marketplace. To protect the nation’s most vulnerable consumers and ensure the strength of racial justice movements that rely on online tools, the FCC must move forward on Read more


Letter to Facebook on Korryn Gaines

During a police-involved standoff, Korryn Gaines was shot to death and her five-year old son was injured. Facebook employees agreed to deactivate Korryn’s account and remove videos she was broadcasting of the encounter on request from the Baltimore County police. This letter calls on Facebook to stop censoring users at the request of the police and clarify Read more


#StopHate Letter to Apple

Center for Media Justice joined 24 advocacy groups to call on Apple Inc. to dissociate itself from bigoted political party conventions #EndHate.


#StopHate Google Letter

Center for Media Justice joined 24 advocacy groups to call on Google to dissociate itself from bigoted political party conventions #EndHate.