Widening the Immigration Frame for Authentic Solidarity

“Listing the sorts of questions that would be asked of green card applicants , Donald Trump’s senior policy advisor Stephen Miller focused on three: “Does the applicant speak English? Can they support themselves and their families financially? Do they have a skill that will add to the U.S. economy? Are they being Read more


Messaging This Moment: A Handbook for Progressive Communicators

The rise of Trumpism has challenged every single aspect of being for progressives and our organizations. It is, as many of us have been saying, an existential threat to everything we care about: economic justice, racial and gender equality, a livable planet and global peace. The message and narrative challenges of the moment are critical Read more


Out of Struggle: Strengthening and expanding movement journalism in the U.S. South

Project South’s “Out of Struggle: Strengthening and Expanding Movement Journalism in the U.S. South” explores how journalism can meet the information needs of communities under attack in an increasingly dangerous political environment. The scope of the report includes: Historic precedents and recent examples of journalism and social movements working in tandem to intervene on injustice Read more