The Bay Area “Welcomes” FCC Chairman Pai with a Protest

Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Pai’s plan has got to go. Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Pai’s plan has got to go. Last Tuesday, Internet activists and Bay Area community members rallied outside of an event hosted by Lincoln Networks to hold a so-called “welcome party” for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. The young, Trump-appointed chairman, who is Read more


Net Neutrality Coalition Letter

March 2017 coalition letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai and US Senators Thune and Nelson in support of Net Neutrality.


The FCC Must Act without Delay to Protect Internet Users and Video Choice

In the 21st century, communities of color face new threats with a very old history: from racially-biased surveillance to the exclusion of voices of color from the video marketplace. To protect the nation’s most vulnerable consumers and ensure the strength of racial justice movements that rely on online tools, the FCC must move forward on Read more



Voices for Internet Freedom, Which the Center for Media Justice is apart of sent this letter to the FCC urge them  to adopt strong, enforceable, and sustainable Open Internet rules that will protect the Internet as an open platform.


Net Neutrality Fact Sheet

10 things you wanted to know about Net Neutrality but were too afraid (or bored) to ask.


#NetNeutrality Creative Filing to the Federal Communications Commission

The Media Action Grassroots Network believes the Open Internet plays a pivotal role in ensuring racial and economic equity in the 21st century. Without a strong legal framework that ensures the benefits of the Internet are broadly shared, our members are forced to navigate a platform that further entrenches and exacerbates harmful disparities. In 2014 we submitted Read more