Tell IBM’s CEO: Don’t Help Trump Deport Immigrants

When Donald Trump promised to put refugees through a higher degree of “extreme vetting” as part of his Muslim Ban, it wasn’t just a figure of speech. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are planning to create actual tools that will make it easier to discriminate against and deport immigrants – and they’re recruiting tech companies Read more


Get the Shackles Off Our Children!

Yesterday, California governor Jerry Brown brought some relief to those caught up in the juvenile legal system and their families by signing a number of bills into law. One of these, SB 190,  will bring an end to charges for electronic monitoring (EM). Electronic monitoring of juveniles has expanded in recent years, especially in low Read more


Activists of color and allies: Learn how to protect yourself from surveillance at a digital security training!

The vast system of U.S. surveillance is in the hands of a President who is violating our constitutional and human rights. It’s vital that organizers protect their digital security so we can continue to work for social change.  The Center for Media Justice – home of the Media Action Grassroots Network – in partnership with Wellstone Action and United Read more


New Proposed Bill Allows Warrantless Surveillance

If you’re like most people in the U.S., you’ve never heard of Section 702. It’s a little known surveillance law that is part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Section 702 permits the government to collect the content of communications of “targets” who are “non-Americans” located abroad, including communications they may have with Americans. Read more


We went to DC to fight surveillance against immigrants. Here’s what happened.

Center for Media Justice and MAG-Net members met in Washington, DC to fight surveillance against immigrants head on! Check out our recap below to learn about everything we accomplished on our trip: Meeting with Lawmakers on Capitol Hill We had an amazing team of 13 delegates, including 6 MAG-Net members, meet with lawmakers to defend Read more


Electronic Monitoring of Youth in the California Justice System

The use of electronic monitoring in the criminal justice system has grown exponentially in recent years. Despite this rapid expansion, little is known about how this technology is being used on youth. This report is the first to examine juvenile electronic monitoring rules and policies across an entire state. The report represents a joint effort Read more


Back By Popular Demand: Digital Security for Organizers

The vast system of U.S. surveillance is now in the hands of a President who is threatening our constitutional and human rights. We need to protect our digital security so we can continue to fight for democratic social change.   Sign up now for our online training Securing Freedom: Digital Security for Organizers on Wednesday, Read more


WE ARE THE COLOR OF FREEDOM: A virtual town hall event

We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming event: We are the Color of Freedom: Resisting Racist Police Surveillance in a Trump Era, co-hosted by Color of Change!  Join us for this unique virtual town hall event on Wednesday, March 29 at 3 pm EST to assess the threat of White House executive orders on immigration and policing, discuss strategies to Read more