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Podcast: Hakim Bellamy

Ren is the DJ: A podcast hosted by Steven Renderos (aka DJ Ren) interviewing the many talented voices of the media justice movement.

On this episode we talk with Hakim Bellamy the inaugural Poet Laureate for the City of Albuquerque and former staff member with the Media Literacy Project.  In Part 1 Hakim talks about the Comcast-Time Warner merger, why New Mexico is among the bottom states in Internet access, and how he became Albuquerque’s first Poet Laureate.  In Part 2 Hakim shares insight into his creative process, the 505 Faces Project, and we close out with a discussion on why “Macklemore is the White People’s Obama”.


About the Author

Steven Renderos is the Senior Campaign Manager at the Center for Media Justice. He is passionate about the role of media and communications in building movements for social change. He's been a community organizer for the past 10 years leading campaigns for affordable housing, immigrant rights and most recently media policy fights. He helped lead CMJ's advocacy and organizing efforts including the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice, a national campaign fighting to lower the high costs of prison phone calls. Previously, Steven led the Media Justice program at Main Street Project in Minneapolis, MN where he helped jumpstart a local collaborative that will be applied for a radio license in the fall 2013. Steven aka DJ Ren is also the co-founder of Radio Pocho, a collaborative of [email protected] radio DJs in Minneapolis who's mission is to explore the musical roots of [email protected] raised in the United States. Steven currently resides in his hometown of Los Angeles, CA.

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