Why We’re Demanding #NoMoreShackles

When people have done their time, they should be cut loose, not made to jump through more hoops and shackled with threatening devices that follow their every move. Which is why we believe it’s time to stop electronically monitoring people on parole. Today we’re releasing the “No More Shackles” report, produced in partnership with the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, Read more


Foundation Maps for Media Funding

Media Impact Funders and Foundation Center have launched a new mapping and research tool that reveals the full scope of philanthropically-funded media projects worldwide since 2009. The map features multiple search functions and displays to assist you in exploring funding trends, funder and grant recipient networks, funding by region, and much more.


Prison Phone Infographic

This Infographic was created to explain the new prison phone rates went into effect March 16th, 2016


Cap the Cost: Prison Phone Guide

In September 2014, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it would be considering further reforms to prison telephone rates. This toolkit was designed as a guide for community members and organizations to submit comments to the FCC.


Lifeline Fact Sheet: Lifeline

This fact sheet breaks down the Lifeline program in the U.S. and is apart of the Lifeline Toolkit 2016 .


Lifeline Toolkit 2016

This toolkit is designed for community-based organizations that work directly with low-income families. These organizations are in the best position to collect stories from impacted communities because those relationships already exist. The stories collected through this process will be used to support efforts to modernize the Lifeline program. This toolkit was created by The Utility Read more


Values Vocabulary

These are buzz words that, according to focus group studies, most resonate with audiences in the United States. Using these words will help bolster the effectiveness of your message.