Media Strategy Resource Guide for Anti-Occupation Activists

This resource guide is developed in direct response to concerns that Arab, Muslim, and specifically Palestinian leaders have limited access to tools and resources needed to participate effectively in public and media debates on the occupation of Palestine.  While many important Jewish, Christian, and other leaders are working for a peaceful end to the Israeli Read more


Fixing Radio: A Community Summit Report

There’s a lot of work to be done to make sure radio serves the people. Want to learn more? Check out this report from the Fixing Radio Summit.


Fair Game: Niche Strategies from the Praxis Project

For strategic communications purposes, there is no such thing as a general audience. Yet, advocates routinely engage in scattershot efforts to “talk” racial justice without identifying specific audiences and their connections to our issues. Here are suggestions for key niche communications that can help us be more strategic in our efforts to build public support Read more


Comments to the FCC on the role of state and local governments in creating or supporting locally owned or controlled networks

Comments to the Federal Communications Commission on the National Broadband Plan in support of policies that would further empower local government in creating or supporting locally owned or controlled broadband networks, and ensure that local governments retain authority over public rights of way. Submitted by the Media and Democracy Coalition and allied groups including the Read more