Defend Our Movements is a web based clearinghouse of the most up-to-date and useful information about protecting your devices and data—whether on the Internet, through cell phone communications, or in your home or office.

Given the challenges movements for civil and human rights face, we need immediate and effective digital self-defense strategies. Given the way governments and corporations are willing to disrupt those communications (and steal the information being transmitted), we need data protection. Given the overwhelming amount of protection projects and software available, we need clear information about data security and how to apply it in a way that maintains the values and strategies of our movements.

Brought to you by the Center for Media Justice, May First / People Link, and diverse movement technologists and activists, Defend Our Movements seeks to fill these needs.

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Grassroots Digital Security Training Series

The vast system of U.S. surveillance is in the hands of a President who is violating our constitutional and human rights. It’s vital that organizers protect their digital security so we can continue to work for social change.

The Center for Media Justice, home of the Media Action Grassroots Network, and Wellstone Action are teaming up with grassroots organizations across the country to offer activists and organizers a FREE day-long digital security training to protect community activism and protest.

Our team of expert security practitioners are traveling the nation to share the history and current reality of surveillance in a digital age and under the Trump Administration, and use interactive practices and learning-in-action to get your phone, computer, apps, and services secure.

Get secure in any of the cities below and check back for more locations to be announced soon:

Washington, D.C. – 5/19/18

Previous Trainings:

Minneapolis, MN – 9/23/17

Urbana, IL – 9/30/17

Albuquerque, NM – 10/21/17

Philadelphia, PA – 11/10/17

Oakland, CA – 1/27/18

Brooklyn, NY – 3/16/18