Defend Our Movements is a web based clearinghouse of the most up-to-date and useful information about protecting your devices and data—whether on the Internet, through cell phone communications, or in your home or office.

Given the challenges movements for civil and human rights face, we need immediate and effective digital self-defense strategies. Given the way governments and corporations are willing to disrupt those communications (and steal the information being transmitted), we need data protection. Given the overwhelming amount of protection projects and software available, we need clear information about data security and how to apply it in a way that maintains the values and strategies of our movements.

Brought to you by the Center for Media Justice, May First / People Link, and diverse movement technologists and activists, Defend Our Movements seeks to fill these needs.

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Defend Our Movements Tour

Defend Our Movements TourThe Center for Media Justice and May First/People Link invite you to join us and grassroots leaders across the country in an important series of chats about technology and movement work. Last year nearly 1,000 activists participated in almost 20 Technology and Revolution Conversations focused on discussing how movement activists and technologists nationwide understood and prioritized the politics of technology. It was a transformative experience, so we’re back on the road this year to bring you more of these events through our Defend Our Movements Tour.

We all use technology. Many of our organizations even depend on it to do powerful and impactful work in our communities. Our Tech and Revolution events focus on uncovering the ways in which the digital age offers solutions to our work but also creates vast amounts of vulnerabilities, particularly for the people of color and other marginalized communities we serve. We will be looking to expand and inform a unified strategy around how we use technology, how we protect our tools and ourselves as users, and how we identify our needs for the future and the security of our movements.

Join us for a Tech and Revolution Conversation in any of the cities below and check back for more locations to be announced soon:


Previous Events:

Oakland, CA – 1/26/19

Manhattan, NY – 12/8/18

Albuquerque, NM – 11/30/2018