Voices for Internet Freedom represents communities of color in the fight for real network neutrality and an open, non-discriminatory Internet.

Media Justice is a vision for real equity, supported by democratic media, and powered by grassroots leadership. Government policies have historically allowed just a small handful of corporations to control each new media platform, and discriminate against communities of color.  This is why fewer than 3% of media owners are people of color and why mainstream media continues to be full of racial stereotypes and bias.

Voices for Internet Freedom seeks to keep history from repeating itself, by advocating for policies that keep the Internet open and non-discriminatory, no matter how you access the Net.  We’re fighting for real, Title II, Network Neutrality protections against pay-to-play discrimination online.

Voices for Internet Freedom is a national organizing project co-coordinated by the Center for Media Justice and Free Press, in partnership with,, and National Hispanic Media Coalition, with more than 50 other partners across the country.

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