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Digital Discrimination: Big Data, Surveillance, & Racial Justice

As we speak, our movements are being tracked, and our personal information sold to the highest bidder. More and more we see the militarization of police departments and the tragic consequences are clear from New York, to L.A., to Ferguson. While the platforms and methods may be new, we know that there is a long history of surveillance as a means to track, control and discredit social and racial justice movements.

But in an increasingly digital age, the information being collected is even more invasive than decades prior and the stakes are especially high for communities of color and organizers fighting for justice.

Please download and share our field-report from the 2014 Knowledge Exchange, “Digital Discrimination: Big Data, Surveillance,& Racial Justice.”

Co-led by the Center for Media Justice and Consumers Union, the Knowledge Exchange convenes grass-tops leaders, community organizers and media policy leaders to strengthen the effectiveness, collaboration, and impact of the movement for media reform and justice.

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