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Out of Struggle: Strengthening and expanding movement journalism in the U.S. South

Project South's “Out of Struggle: Strengthening and Expanding Movement Journalism in the U.S. South” explores how journalism can meet the information needs of communities under attack in an increasingly dangerous political environment.

The scope of the report includes:

  • Historic precedents and recent examples of journalism and social movements working in tandem to intervene on injustice
  • New and developing projects across the country that are breaking down barriers between journalists and the public, encouraging collaboration between newsrooms, and training grassroots journalists, all toward making the journalism field directly responsive to the people it serves
  • A landscape scan of independent media in the South
  • Analysis of national reporting on the South, and ways to improve it
  • Funding models to start and sustain journalistic endeavors
  • Recommendations for launching a Southern People’s Media Network to practice “movement journalism” by creating the news media we need, impacting the news media that exists, and strengthening grassroots media infrastructure in the South.
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