Lifeline to the Future: Guide to Collect Stories

It wasn’t long ago that our society depended on the telephone as our primary means of communications. In today’s digital world, our ability to communicate depends on an Internet connection. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now in the process of updating the Lifeline program to include Internet access for low-income individuals. Community leaders, national civil rights groups, consumer organizations and others are working together to urge the FCC to adopt a program that supports high quality, reliable, and affordable Internet service. Once the FCC approves this program, every state in the nation will have the opportunity to offer this program to its most vulnerable populations.

Who should use this toolkit

This toolkit is designed for community-based organizations that work directly with low-income families. These organizations are in the best position to collect stories from impacted communities because those relationships already exist. The stories collected through this process will be used to support efforts to modernize the Lifeline program.

The stories collected through this toolkit will guide the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and others about what the program should look like, including:

  • Whether they can choose between phone or an Internet connection
  • How much it should cost, how they are impacted by eligibility requirements
  • Privacy concerns, and speed.

These stories need to be heard and we need your help to amplify those voices. Download this toolkit and then upload your stories at

This toolkit is a collaborative effort by community-based organizations across the country to fill the gap in the kinds of information that get to decision makers. This toolkit was created by The Utility Reform Network and Media Alliance with support from the Greenlining Institute, Center for Rural Strategies, Media Mobilizing Project, and Milestone Consulting. It is produced by the Media Action Grassroots Network.


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