The Internet is Going Red for Net Neutrality

Squad, it’s a red alert. The Senate will vote next week on overturning the FCC’s decision and saving net neutrality. And we only need one more vote to guarantee victory!  Earlier this year the FCC caved to big internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast, throwing out the net neutrality rules that protect a free and open Read more


It’s Time to Show Up For an Open Internet

This article was originally published by MAG-Net member, Voices for Racial Justice I am grateful to the elders in my family line that have taught me the power of telling our stories.  As a daughter of artist activists I was raised knowing that the resistance in your art and storytelling matters, and that there is great Read more


Net Neutrality was repealed today – what’s next?

Net neutrality was repealed today – what’s next? We’ll continue to fight the repeal in the streets, the courts, and Congress. It’s important to situate this repeal inside of a broader strategy to consolidate media, limit dissenting speech, and line the wallets of corporations. This is not a fight for the ‘internet’ but for our Read more


Net Neutrality, Accessibility, and the Disability Community

This morning, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai revealed his proposal to repeal Net Neutrality rules. It’s bad. Pai’s priorities are clear: he wants to wield control to powerful telecom companies at the expense of everyday people like you, me and Alice Wong, author of today’s blog. Wong is founder of the Disability Visibility Project, co-partner in Read more


Wake Up Call: FCC Plans to Repeal Net Neutrality

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has released an official statement outlining his intent to repeal Net Neutrality this December. In his statement, Pai reveals his plan for a full repeal of Net Neutrality which removes the protections that prevent Internet Service Providers from discriminating against the websites their users can access. Although this news is disheartening, we Read more


Fact Sheet: Net Neutrality Rules Are 21st Century Digital Civil Rights

Every day the open internet connects billions of people and ideas. For communities of color and others misrepresented by mainstream media or excluded by an unequal economy—the open internet is often the only place to speak for yourself. Learn why Title II Net Neutrality rules are essential for the protection of digital Civil Rights with Read more


Members of Congress, FCC Commissioners, Artists and Advocates Sound Alarm That Net Neutrality Repeal May Harm Civil Rights

Contact: [email protected] November 1, 2017, WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, the Voices for Internet Freedom Coalition hosted a critical conversation between policymakers and community leaders on why the fight for civil rights in the 21st century includes Net Neutrality rules. Introductory remarks were given by Rep. Keith Ellison, Rep. Ro Khanna, FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and Read more


From Brooklyn, to Philly, to D.C.: A Day in the Fight for Net Neutrality

On an unseasonably hot September day in Washington D.C., our group of grassroots activists have been jostling through several metal detectors, carpeted cafeterias, and marble steps from one congressional building to the next. By late afternoon our physical and cell phone batteries are running low. I think to myself, as we walk to our last Read more


We traveled to DC to fight for your Internet rights!

On Wednesday, September 27, we were in Washington, D.C. for the Net Neutrality Day of Advocacy! The Day of Advocacy was a huge mobilization of advocates traveling from across the U.S. to tell our policymakers that we need an open Internet so our communities can thrive, innovate, and organize for justice. Center for Media Justice Read more


The Bay Area “Welcomes” FCC Chairman Pai with a Protest

Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Pai’s plan has got to go. Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Pai’s plan has got to go. Last Tuesday, Internet activists and Bay Area community members rallied outside of an event hosted by Lincoln Networks to hold a so-called “welcome party” for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. The young, Trump-appointed chairman, who is Read more