We Develop 21st Century Media and Cultural Social Change Leaders

In a landmark article, author and cultural scholar Jeff Chang suggested that in order to make political change, social justice change-makers must also change the culture on the issues we care about most. But changing the culture on racial and economic justice issues isn’t easy, and requires a diversity of strategies and tactics. A 2008 report, On Message: Using Strategic Communications to Advance Social Change in Black and Latino Communities, noted that as organizations in Black and Latino communities the most common barriers to campaign victory for communities of color include media bias, corporate control of the media, and the lack of resources for strategic communications. Despite this, many community organizers struggle to develop cultural strategies rooted in their organizing work, across different arenas of practice, including art, strategic communications, media activism, and digital technologies. We highlighted some creative ways change-makers are using communications strategies to drive community organizing in our 2012 report Echoing Justice, produced in partnership with the Praxis Project, the Movement Strategy Center, and the Center for Story-Based Strategy.

To confront these challenges and needs, the Center for Media Justice delivers workshops, webinars, curriculum, presentations and coaching services that help cultivate a new generation of effective media and cultural leaders.

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